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  • Multiplayer games for two

    Iain asked me about other multiplayer games that work with two (other than Caylus, that is). Well, here’s a small list: First of all there are few games with modular boards that scale really well. Samurai is the king of scalable games, as it works really well with two, three or four. Some might actually […]

  • Blueberry Africa

    Just a quick game of Africa while we waited for the blueberry pie to bake. It was over fairly swiftly; actually, it was just on time. Johanna lead throughout the game, even though I almost caught her lead. However, good camp scoring in the end really finished the game for her advantage. I asked how […]

  • Board game club session: Spinergy, In the Shadow of the Emperor

    Saturday’s board game club session continued: Another game having some buzz about it was Spinergy. We got nine players to play it, which was nice. Spinergy is highly creative party game, where one player spins three words from a device with three word rings that can be spun. Say there’s “fly, “hay stack” and “trash”. […]

  • Games weekend at Tommy’s

    Last weekend was the traditional annual games weekend at Tommy’s. Third time already! Unfortunately the weekend wasn’t quite the success it set out to be, as I fell sick and had to leave. We did get an evening of games on Friday and some games on Saturday and the guys continued until evening, but from […]

  • Rest of the gaming weekend

    The previous entry covers the games of Friday. This one tells the tale from Saturday to Sunday. It’s a long story, but hopefully of interest at least to someone. Last Saturday was a full day of gaming. I woke up at about ten am and started the morning working on some Go problems. Then, after […]

  • Games from last Friday

    Last weekend I visited my good friend Tommy and we had a great weekend full of fun and games. I’m going to write session reports about the whole weekend, a day at a time because they’re going to be a bit longer — lots of new games, you see. I’ll start with Friday. I came […]

  • Africa + Puerto Rico

    First of all, there’s been some discussion about Africa on the Spielfrieks list. The best thing the discussion brought up is this analysis by Peter Wiles (through Defective Yeti Yahoo! groups filter). Read and be amazed, how well Doktor Knizia has balanced the game. Puerto Rico has been another hot topic lately, with the new […]

  • Board game club meeting

    So, here’s the promised session report. First of all, I was quite satisfied as plenty of people came to play. I didn’t count the total, but well over ten, we had four games going on almost all the time. My games started with Zértz — I’m trying to hook people into it. Jarno was my […]

  • Africa

    A new game review on my website: Africa — again in Finnish, sorry. Here’s what I think about the game: Recently Africa has received some praise from notable members of the Spielfrieks community and I think it deserves it. I think many were disappointed when it turned out that dr. Knizia had designed a light, […]

  • Weekend gaming

    This weekend I visited my parents and played games with them. I also tested my new game recording system: I bought a small notebook which I dedicated to making notes on my games. Before I’ve made notes in my calendar, this way they are a bit more permanent and I can have more room to […]