Blueberry Africa

Just a quick game of Africa while we waited for the blueberry pie to bake. It was over fairly swiftly; actually, it was just on time. Johanna lead throughout the game, even though I almost caught her lead. However, good camp scoring in the end really finished the game for her advantage.

I asked how she liked the game and her views coincide with mine pretty much. Africa is nothing earth-shaking, but a good, solid game. It’s fun to play: turning the chits over is entertaining, while the decision-making is almost obvious — you never have to tax your brain too much while playing Africa. It’s quite luck-heavy, in the end, but with the right attitude it can be a lot of fun.

I think the game might be at it’s best with just two. It plays swift and is a nice little filler to pass time with. However, it sure comes in mighty large box for its weight and it can certainly be a disappointment, if one adjusts one’s expectations according to the box size. Inside a big box there’s pleasant little game I expect to keep in my collection for a long time.

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