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  • Gaming Year 2019

    2019 was a solid year of games. Updating my game stats app. A major project this year was updating my game stats app. I’ve been keeping my stats in a DIY web app, built with PHP and MySQL some fifteen years ago. I’ve been updating it and adding new features, but I’ve had some problems […]

  • Gaming Year 2018

    2018 was the year of the two-player card game. Look at my top three played games: Magic: the Gathering, KeyForge and Shards of Infinity, all with more than fifty plays. When I look at my lists, it feels like I mostly played new games this year. I managed to do that in moderation, though: we’re […]

  • Gaming Year 2017

    In 2016 I tried 133 new games. That, I felt, was too much, and in 2017, a move was made to correct that. 17% of my plays were spent trying new games, and it felt too much. In 2017, I tried just 67 new games. The total number of plays was also slightly reduced, mostly […]

  • Gaming Year 2016

    2016 was a good year. Lots of games. I made a new record for the number of new games tried. My previous record was 93 new games in 2011, but this year I reached 133 new games. This is a record that’s unlikely to be broken any time soon. I don’t really want to. I’ve decided […]

  • Gaming Year 2015

    2015 was a solid year. Numbers-wise, no complaints, and quality has been excellent. I played lots of good games with my son, who has continued to be an active member of the cult of the new. A new game for us to try? He’s game. My daughter is also growing up and we’ve been moving […]

  • Board games in news

    Board games were mentioned in the TV news today — ok, it was the smallest of the four Finnish main channels, but anyway. They said playing board games was more popular than ever, which is always nice. Their main point, however, was the new game from Kari Mannerla. Kari Mannerla, as we all know, is […]

  • Afrikan tähti

    Afrikan tähti. I thought it was very inappropriate that the finest Finnish boardgame wasn’t in BoardGameGeek. Now it is.

  • Christmas Games

    While waiting for the gifts, I played some games with my girlfriend Johanna. Because we were spending the Christmas at her parent’s home, we had her old game collection to use: Afrikan tähti (Star of Africa, named after the huge diamond) and Pekingin mysteerit (aka Mysteries of Peking). Afrikan tähti is the best-selling Finnish game […]