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  • Designers write about their games

    It’s always interesting when designers step up and discuss their games. There have been two great examples of that recently: Gathering of Engineers: Daddy, Where Did Havoc Come From?, written by KC Humphrey, the designer of Havoc: The Hundred Years War and the input from Mac Gerdts, the designer of Antike; for example, this thread […]

  • Antike and Heckmeck

    I tried Antike with Johanna. It’s certainly not the best two-player game, but it was fun and I got some practise with the mechanics so it’ll be easier for me to teach in Helcon this weekend. So, yeah, it was fun. We played on the Middle-East side, Johanna played Arabs and the Greeks against my […]

  • Thursday, day two: Shopping for games

    The morning started off quite well. We were having breakfast, when I suddenly noticed a familiar-looking gentleman in a salmon-coloured shirt: herr Knizia! I wasn’t quite brave enough to go talk to him, but maybe I’ll ask for his signature tomorrow, as I now have a game to ask it to. It would be neat […]

  • Essen games

    Now, here’s the entry I’ve been meaning to write for a while now… Which games I’m looking forward to getting from Essen? First let me note that thanks to a deal I’ve got with Lautapelit.fi, Finland’s foremost board game retailer, I have little need to buy stuff I can get later cheaper. That includes Railroad […]