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  • Six-player Antike

    Antike is one of the top games on the list of good games I don’t play nearly enough. Looking at my records, I played seven games in the six months after Essen 2005, then once in 2008 and once last week. Weak, especially considering how good the game is with six players. (I’ve got a […]

  • Thursday session: Qwirkle, Antike

    Another good session, this time with more shorter games. That’s nice balance. We hit off with Flix Mix, a favourite of mine I hadn’t played in a while. It’s a small Adlung card game, those just get stuck somewhere and then you forget about them. We played a practise round, which I didn’t win and […]

  • Board game club session: Quackle!, Great Wall of China, Imperial

    Excellent session at the board game club today, I got to play everything I wanted! Quackle!, maybe better known as Snorta! for you foreign folks, was a silly game. It’s nice, but I much prefer Halli Galli when it comes to games like this. Quackle! seems to require a very specific atmosphere (read: very giggly); […]

  • Essen bounty

    I’ve been following the Essen discussion on the Board Game Society message, and here’s my list of the new stuff I want: Der Elefant im Porzellanladen — Mandatory Amigo card game. A friend will bring this to me to pay back a favour. Null & Nichtig was also on my list, but the same friend […]

  • Game weekend at Tommy’s, day two

    Saturday was a full day of games, though curiously we didn’t play as many games as on Friday night. The games were longer, though. Stefu joined us for Saturday, and Tommy’s brother Miikka did a guest appearance as well. The games were disturbed by an excellent meal of braised reindeer (nope, it wasn’t Rudolph), which […]

  • Antike

    For me, Antike was definitely one of the brighter hits from Essen 2005. I had reordered the game, mostly tempted by the theme and having some faith in Eggert-Spiele thanks to Neuland, which was excellent. Lower price I got didn’t hurt, either. I wasn’t disappointed. While Antike isn’t the Civ Lite some people would probably […]

  • Board game club: Antike, Antike!

    Board game club met last Sunday. It was a good meeting, with lots of people, some new faces and active gaming. After a warm-up game of Flix Mix (I’m still unbeaten in this game), we started a six-player Antike. That was one of my main wishes for the meeting, trying Antike with five or six. […]

  • Games Saturday with Tommy, Stefu and Robert

    Saturday was the big games day of the weekend, when Tommy and Stefu came all the way from Vantaa/Espoo and were joined by Robert of the local gamers. We started around noon and played almost 12 hours straight. It was pleasant, efficient and very entertaining. Here’s what we played: Flix Mix. I played this with […]

  • Board game club session: Antike, Caylus

    Yesterday’s board game club session — first and last for me this season, unfortunately — was quite nice. Some new folks, some good games. I started with a quick match of Blockster with Laura. It’s a simple game, played with a bunch of rectangular plastic pieces. Players build a tower. Each turn they draw a […]

  • Helcon 2005 — Saturday

    Saturday was games, games, games. About 50 people participated, playing lots of games. Few bigger ones were scheduled and the Memoir ’44 tournament kept on going. Here’s my games: Indonesia. Splotter was the theme of the day, and I started with Indonesia. The game’s about development of Indonesian economy. When the game begins, there are […]