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  • Saturday games: Historiallinen Helsinki, Huippuhatut

    We’re on a gaming streak with Johanna, it seems. Yesterday we were thinking of what to do and decided to play a game. The obvious choice was, of course, Historiallinen Helsinki, a game that I’ve owned for over a year now and haven’t played once. I know I haven’t been missing much, but it was […]

  • Time Control

    I’ve written a Finnish review of Time Control. For you English-reading folks, here’s what I wrote in my BoardGameGeek review: I got a review copy of Time Control and I was really looking forward to play it. The concept sounds great: time travel is an exciting theme and I like real time games. Sunda to […]

  • Fluxx

    I wrote a review of Fluxx. Finnish readers can go and read it. Fluxx is a very simple game to teach. The rules are “Draw one card from the deck, play one card from your hand”. That’s it. No victory conditions or anything useless like that. The point is that almost every card changes the […]