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  • More Sunda to Sahul, Bakari

    I’ve added some pictures of Sunda to Sahul and Bakari I took Friday. As usual, the captions are in Finnish but there aren’t even many.

  • Weekend games: Sunda to Sahul, Sticheln, Bakari

    I had a nice weekend, when it comes to games. First game I played Friday was an old favourite, Battle Line. It’s always a blast, and I actually managed to win half of the six games I played during the weekend. But that wasn’t the main attraction. I desperately wanted to play Sunda to Sahul.…

  • Finnish Game of the Year awards 2002

    Finnish Game of the Year awards have been given out. The winners this year are: Best Children’s Game: Ali Baba (Ravensburger) Best Family Game: Bakari (Tactic) Best Adult Game: Fits (Ravensburger) Spiel des Jahres winner Villa Paletti was in the family game final three, but didn’t make it.