Finnish Game of the Year awards 2002

Finnish Game of the Year awards have been given out. The winners this year are:

Best Children’s Game: Ali Baba (Ravensburger)

Best Family Game: Bakari (Tactic)

Best Adult Game: Fits (Ravensburger)

Spiel des Jahres winner Villa Paletti was in the family game final three, but didn’t make it.

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3 responses to “Finnish Game of the Year awards 2002”

  1. Had the chance to try out Lord of the Rings: Confrontation today and it turned out excellent. Very truthful to the books and easy to learn + fast to play.
    It’s a variant of stratego with some powerup cards and each of the nine pieces that the players move have their own special abilities. Some pieces defeat others instantly when in contact and some nullify these effects. Also the boards has some strategic value in terms of how many pieces can be placed in some areas + special movement areas. After couple of games, the possibilities in the game begin to show. Bluff and some general long term strategies are definetly needed.
    It’s for two players and one game lasts about 30 minutes and goes for around 25 euros in Safe Haven. Though I think they ran out of all the boxes already.
    We’ll get to play Puerto Rico next week hopefully if the owner has time to check the rules first ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I should definitely try it sometimes… Are you coming to HelCon? You definitely should, if you’re interested in good board games. If you’re coming there, maybe you could teach me the game? None of my friends have it.
    See more information at the HelCon website:
    Puerto Rico isn’t too complex, really. I think the rules are very logical and elegant. There’s little room for error (which means you’re probably screwed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Ooh, sounds good. I have to remember HelCon when the time comes so I can be there. I’ll bring LOTR: Confrontation along too so we can try it.