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  • Memoir ’44

    I wrote a lengthy review of Memoir ’44, in Finnish, as usual. I don’t think there’s much need for me to write a review of Memoir ’44 — just go and read the 20 or so reviews the Geek already has. The game has pretty good ratings and a ranking of 8th in the Geek […]

  • Memoir battles

    I had planned a game of Die Macher today, but that was cancelled due to lack of players (too much effort to play a three-player game, really — I would’ve wanted at least four). However, I had to meet Manu, our wedding photographer. He dropped by and I introduced him to Memoir ’44 — I […]

  • Weekend gaming session, Saturday

    Saturday was a fun-filled day of gaming as well. Tommy’s brother Miikka joined us. He’s not a gamer the way we are, but likes to play games. We kicked the day off with a four-player game of Attika, a well-known favourite. It was a tough match, which I was finally able to win by connecting […]