Memoir ’44

I wrote a lengthy review of Memoir ’44, in Finnish, as usual.

I don’t think there’s much need for me to write a review of Memoir ’44 — just go and read the 20 or so reviews the Geek already has. The game has pretty good ratings and a ranking of 8th in the Geek list. The critical comments are quite similar: too random, too much like Battle Cry, too luck-driven…

Well, yeah, it is a luck-driven game. There’s cards and there’s dice, what do you expect? I think it’s all right for what it’s trying to be. Does it deserve the 8th place in the ranking? I don’t think so, but hey, many people seem to like it a lot.

For me the level of complexity and luck is fine. I already enjoyed Battle Cry, but Memoir ’44 is a big improvement on that: more interesting theme, refined mechanisms, much smaller box — all things that make it better than it’s predecessor. It’s probably the best tabletop war game for me, really (Pathway to Glory for N-Gage is the best overall wargame right now).

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