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  • Latest crush

    I’ve got this thing with war games. I’d like to have a tactical level war game in my collection. I like Memoir ’44, it works well for what it tries to be, but I’d like something with more detail, more story to it. However, Advanced Squad Leader and other games like it are way too […]

  • Working on the book

    Almost two weeks of work done on the book, half days basically (I’m working in the mornings and during the day when the baby sleeps, few hours a day most days) and I’ve already covered over 80 games (these are not full-fledged reviews, but fairly short descriptions in most cases, page or so). The manuscript […]

  • Resisting the temptation

    Ah, BattleLore. I’ve read the reports, the blog entries, the praise. How I wish you were mine, and how I must fight this temptation… I really like Memoir ’44, and while I prefer the military theme to the fantasy (medieval warfare isn’t bad — I just get an allergic reaction when in contact with standard […]