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  • Liberty

    Another: Review of Liberty in Finnish. Liberty is a Columbia Games block war game about the American indepence war. With the help of French, the Americans try to fight the British for their freedom. The shot heard around the world and all that, you know. The mechanics of the game are similar to other Columbia […]

  • Hammer of the Scots

    I met Juho on the Scottish fields of battle yesterday. Hammer of the Scots is one of my more successful games this year: I’ve played it four times now and I’ve won every single game. This time it was a marginal victory, I think the nobles split 8-6. I got a good start, mostly because […]

  • Mikko, the King of Scotland

    I played a game of Hammer of the Scots. We drew lots for scenario and sides; I got the Scots with the Braveheart (next time I’ll try the Bruce, I suppose). Last two games I’ve played, I’ve played English. I’ve won both games as marginal victories. Back in January, I said "I believe that Scots […]

  • Bloody rebels

    Today we played a game of Liberty, which is a block strategy game about the American revolution from Columbia Games. The block system was already familiar to me from Hammer of the Scots, so most of it was smooth sailing for me rules-wise. The navies (something HOTS doesn’t have) caused some confusion. The game was […]