Bloody rebels

Today we played a game of Liberty, which is a block strategy game about the American revolution from Columbia Games. The block system was already familiar to me from Hammer of the Scots, so most of it was smooth sailing for me rules-wise. The navies (something HOTS doesn’t have) caused some confusion.

The game was interesting. I played the evil empire also known as the Brits, while Ari and Tuomas (?) played the Americans and French. We didn’t use the three-player variant, they just played together. Ari was the main player, while Tuomas, an experienced strategist, offered advice.

I lost. Brits aim to hold 30 supply points worth cities. They start with 14 and the best I managed to get was 20. I got into Baltimore, kept Boston and held New York for a while, but that’s it. I had some good luck and fought some great battles, but lacked the energy to really deliver the punch on the sad little Americans. French got involved pretty early (1777) and that certainly didn’t make it easier for me. We quit the game one turn early (after 2.5 hours), when it was already obvious I wasn’t going to win it.

It’s pretty tough job for the British, I feel, but I’m eager to try again. I really like the block system and Liberty is an interesting scenario. It’s certainly different enough from Hammer of the Scots. I can’t really say (yet) which one is better. Time will tell.

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