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  • Blockster

    I wrote a review of Blockster (in Finnish and sorry, no naked ladies on the marginals). Blockster is a small dexterity game, where players are trying to stack small plastic pieces according to cards. There’s a timer to add pressure! When someone fails, everybody else scores a point. The basic idea is nice, but the […]

  • Board game club session: Antike, Caylus

    Yesterday’s board game club session — first and last for me this season, unfortunately — was quite nice. Some new folks, some good games. I started with a quick match of Blockster with Laura. It’s a simple game, played with a bunch of rectangular plastic pieces. Players build a tower. Each turn they draw a […]

  • The Future of Board Games?

    I have seen the future of board games and it looks… interesting? Well, not actually — I just got a copy of Tactic’s DVD Sudoku and I just opened the box and punched the tiles, I haven’t tried it yet. But it certainly looks interesting. The gist of the game is solving sudokus (well, yeah), […]