The Future of Board Games?

I have seen the future of board games and it looks… interesting? Well, not actually — I just got a copy of Tactic’s DVD Sudoku and I just opened the box and punched the tiles, I haven’t tried it yet. But it certainly looks interesting.

The gist of the game is solving sudokus (well, yeah), in one of two modes. In the first mode you’re doing a sudoku together; everybody takes a turn to solve a number. The DVD takes time and the player who spent least time will win. The other mode is a speed game, where players put tiles on board wherever they fit — the game ends, when the puzzle is either solved or becomes unsolvable. That’s an interesting take on sudokus!

Well, I’ll have to try it. Since Johanna isn’t big on sudokus, I’ll probably try it just by myself and wait until I go to Jyväskylä next time. Ismo is a big sudoku fan and actually currently on the second round of Finnish sudoku championships (that is, amongst 300 best solvers).

Another Tactic game I got was Blockster, a quick block game where players must add blocks to a rising tower. It’s a very small game, it fits in a small cloth bag. It’s also pretty tricky.

It’s kind of like a pocket version of Monumento. Somehow the big wooden blocks are better than small plastic blocks, but hey, Blockster seems like a fun little game, too.

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