Tag: Bruno Faidutti

  • The Games Journal

    The September issue of The Games Journal is out. It’s fairly thick, too! Greg Aleknevicus has written a good article on deduction games, while Bruno Faidutti comments well on the concept of game balance.

  • Helcon III — Saturday

    Helcon III began early in the morning, when we packed up everything in Tommy’s car and headed to the location. We quickly set everything up, unpacked games and arranged the tables and whatnot. First visitors arrived early and started playing games soon and soon more came. First game I played was a four-player Crokinole match.…

  • Bruno Faidutti’s new website

    Bruno Faidutti has a new website, The Games of Bruno Faidutti. It’s basically what he had before, but there’s new stuff and some nice improvements. The layout isn’t optimal, it seems to be a bit too wide, but at least the content is good. It’s good to see Faidutti producing new game reviews, that’s for…

  • Bruno Faidutti’s Game of the Year 2004

    As Iain already noticed, it’s once again time for Bruno Faidutti to announce his Game of the Year award. This year the winner is Ticket to Ride — not a huge surprise to anyone, I imagine. I agree, and I certainly find myself in agreement with Bruno’s earlier choices as well. I’ve enjoyed all of…

  • Faidutti’s Games of the Year 2003

    Bruno Faidutti has selected his games of the year. Winners this year are Coloretto and Age of Steam. I still haven’t tried Age of Steam myself, but I’d say these were quite good choices. At least Coloretto is a wonderful game.