Bruno Faidutti’s Game of the Year 2004

As Iain already noticed, it’s once again time for Bruno Faidutti to announce his Game of the Year award. This year the winner is Ticket to Ride — not a huge surprise to anyone, I imagine.

I agree, and I certainly find myself in agreement with Bruno’s earlier choices as well. I’ve enjoyed all of the games I’ve tried. This is interesting, because I’ve noticed a growing dislike towards games he has designed. They just don’t click with me, really, anymore. It has to be the chaos in them, I don’t like it anymore. Still, his Game of the Year award remains very interesting.

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One response to “Bruno Faidutti’s Game of the Year 2004”

  1. Ticket to Ride is addictive indeed. It appeared in my weekly group for the first time and we played it 3 times in a row (which we don’t normally do with a game). I enjoyed it even though I totally sucked and came in last place all 3 games. 🙂