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  • Visiting Italy

    We were in Italy last week. Two years ago we checked the jesters in Florence, this time I checked the background on San Marco. Well, actually we resided in Bardolino on the Lake Garda, but we made a day-trip to Venice (by the way: the anglicized names of the Italian cities really bug me… It’s […]

  • Lahti games weekend, Saturday and Sunday

    After a badly slept night a new morning dawned. While waiting for the breakfast, I played a game of 6 Nimmt!. We played it differently, using (almost) the Terminal City Gamers variant. Instead of several rounds, we played just two, without shuffling the deck or the cards on the table between them. It was a […]

  • Canal Grande

    I wrote a review of Canal Grande. It’s in Finnish, as usual. For English review, see my older review at the Geek.

  • Café Games: Lost Cities, Bluff, Canal Grande

    I met up with some of my friends yesterday for couple of hours of gaming. Unfortunately only two of them showed up in the end, but we had two hours of fun and games anyway. And I had a wonderful and very tasty chicken bread, too. Try it, if you ever happen to visit Klubi […]

  • Canal Grande preview

    I played my first games of Canal Grande last weekend and here’s a quick review based on those games. First of all, I should say I’m not familiar with San Marco, so I’m not biased either way in that regard. For a start, the cards are very ugly. The backs are hideous and the pictures […]

  • New rules translation: Canal Grande

    From now on, there’s a Finnish translation of Canal Grande available at my web site. It includes the four player rules. I’m looking forward to trying Canal Grande this weekend.

  • What’s new

    I’ve been doing lots of stuff lately, just haven’t had time to document it here. I’ve played T&E at BGG, bought games, written about games and so on… I lost my first game of Tigris & Euphrates at the BoardGameGeek. I had no chance, as I had short supply of red tiles and did some […]