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I’ve been doing lots of stuff lately, just haven’t had time to document it here. I’ve played T&E at BGG, bought games, written about games and so on…

I lost my first game of Tigris & Euphrates at the BoardGameGeek. I had no chance, as I had short supply of red tiles and did some really bad moves. I have new games running, including one for the members of Pelilista, hopefully I’ll do better.

I’m going to pick my share of the latest Adam Spielt order today: I got Tichu and two packs of Canal Grande. I’m especially curious about Canal Grande — after all, my experiences of Adlung makes me think they’re a bit like Cheapass: the games are cheap and have promise but don’t quite deliver. Well, we’ll see, I had the courage to buy two packs at once so I can try the 4-player version too.

More Tichu-related stuff: I wrote a Finnish translation of the rules. I also wrote an article about the board game hobby, a sort of primer for people who don’t know anything about the board games. That too is in Finnish.

And that’s just about all this time.

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