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  • For the Crown

    This review is based on a review copy, kindly offered by Victory Point Games. The game: For the Crown (second edition) by Jeremy Lennert, published by Victory Point Games in 2012. Elevator pitch: Chess meets Dominion: a game of Chess, where you start with just a king and build up your army using a simple deck-building mechanism. What’s in the box? A slipcase […]

  • Chess Timer

    Jonathan Rose has done a pretty neat JavaScript Chess Timer. It’s easy to use, looks neat and seems to work pretty well (haven’t tried it in action, though).

  • Games and artificial intelligence

    Yesterday I watched a bit of a documentary about Garry Kasparov and how he lost a match to IBM’s Deep Blue. As the story goes, Deep Blue pulled an untypical move in the second game, causing Kasparov to lose. After that, he lost his concentration and failed to win the match. Kasparov, naturally, accused IBM […]

  • Yours truly at Madeira

    Here’s a picture of me at Madeira. Our hotel had, in addition to a tennis court, table tennis, two swimming pools and a spa, some nice little outdoors Chess equipment. We didn’t play, but I did pose for a picture one evening. As for my clothes, well, we were heading for the hotel restaurant which […]

  • Little Golem

    I recently registered at Little Golem. It’s a play-by-web site featuring a selection of games. StreetSoccer should be of interest to some (looks like Iain tried it), I’m there mostly to play Go. The interface is inferior to my regular haunt, Dragon Go Server, but Little Golem has something Dragon still hasn’t: well-organised tournaments. Little […]

  • Costikyan on Chess

    Something quick before I start on the HelCon session reports: Greg Costikyan has written an excellent article on Chess and game design. All I can say is read it — it’s worth the while.

  • Books about games

    This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Affiliate links are marked with a €.I’ve been reading books about games lately. Mostly books describing the rules to various card games, including the classic of classics: Hoyle’s Games. It’s not the original version from the 18th century, but […]