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  • Peloponnes and Schildkrötenrennen

    We had scheduled a game of Greed on Wednesday’s game night, but that fell through. Some other time, then. I did get my copy of Greed back, I had borrowed it right after I got it, so I was finally able to take a proper look at it. It sure looks great. The cover is […]

  • Mouse Carousel and Kids of Carcassonne

    I got some new children’s games to try out. Couple of them were instant hits (Zoowaboo doesn’t look like it’s really hot with two, so it’s still waiting) with Nooa. Mouse Carousel has six tubes and seven mice with different colours. There’s some cheese cubes on the middle of the tubes and to get to […]

  • Enuk

    We played Enuk with Johanna. It’s a new children’s game from the Queen Kids line, designed by Stefan Dorra and Manfred Reindl. It’s so new that it isn’t in the Geek yet (I’ve added it, but it’s waiting for approval). Enuk is a fun little game, I would describe it as push-your-luck memory. Players turn […]

  • Viva Topo!

    Finnish edition of this review It’s easy to dismiss Viva Topo! as a simple game for kids. That’s what it is, but it’s also more! It’s become the current favourite of me and my wife. We play it together, as our son is still way too young for board games. Viva Topo! is a simple […]

  • Children’s games — Das kleine Gespenst and Geisterwäldchen

    I tried some children’s games with Johanna. These are always pretty hard to evaluate when you don’t have children to try them with. Both games are not very good for adult use, so they’ll end up in storage, waiting for Nooa to grow up. Das kleine Gespenst is based on a classic children’s book by […]

  • Magical crystals

    Another children’s game tested: Mago Magino goes in the closet towait for Nooa to grow up. The game is clever and fun, but offers little to adults. It’s just roll-and-move, with some risk assessment and some scope for tactics (how to use the wizard, how to use the two pawns each player has). The game […]

  • Nacht der Magier

    I played a game of Nacht der Magier with Johanna yesterday. We played in light; it was nice to see the game worked well without the darkness effect. It’s better in the dark, but fine in light. Thus, a review in Finnish. Nacht der Magier, Magician’s Night, has a rare gimmick. The game is played […]

  • Mice and a cat

    I got this year’s Marektoy children’s games lineup. It’s a nice bunch of games from Drei Magier and Selecta, mostly. Selecta games impressed me: like Haba, Selecta is a producer of wooden toys and the games have great components. I played two rounds of Viva Topo! with Johanna yesterday. The game is the Kinderspiel des […]

  • Gulo Gulo

    I tried Gulo Gulo with Johanna recently. It’s a children’s game from Wolfgang Kramer and collaborators. The idea is simple: players advance on a path, trying to reach the end. What makes Gulo Gulo stand out is the method of movement. Players move by picking small wooden eggs from a bowl! If you want to […]

  • HABA games in Finland

    Parents of small children, note: Lahjalinna sells HABA board games in Finland. The HABA area at the Essen fair looked absolutely gorgeous. I know when we get kids, I must get some of those games.