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We played Enuk with Johanna. It’s a new children’s game from the Queen Kids line, designed by Stefan Dorra and Manfred Reindl. It’s so new that it isn’t in the Geek yet (I’ve added it, but it’s waiting for approval). Enuk is a fun little game, I would describe it as push-your-luck memory. Players turn over tiles with animals on them. You can continue until you want to stop, an igloo tile comes up or the animals are scared. The herring are scared of salmons, salmons are scared of seals, seals are scared of polar bears and polar bears are scared of eskimos.

When something is scared, all those tiles are turned face down and you get to keep the rest. If you quit voluntarily or because you got an igloo tile, you get to keep every tile you turned over. The goal of the game is to have most tiles in the end.

When players draw igloo tiles they place the tile and a meeple on the board. In the final phase — the eskimo tiles are a timer, once all are out the final phase begins — players with meeples on the board get a chance to get more tiles. You name an animal and turn over a tile, and if you’re correct, you get the tile and another go. You get one turn per meeple in the igloo.

It’s very simple, over in 20 minutes maximum and very entertaining! The combination of memory and push-your-luck should work both for kids and adults, it isn’t tedious for grown-ups or too difficult for children. I rather enjoyed it and will keep this one waiting for Nooa to grow up.

We played two rounds, each winning one. In the first one Johanna was a tad too reckless and lost, but when she played more carefully, she won me hands down. The memory element really spices up the push-your-luck game.

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