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  • Elasund

    Finnish review of Elasund. Elasund is the latest Catan spinoff. Players are building the first city in Catan, trying to reap glory by getting their buildings to fill the city. The game has surface similarities to Catan — the resource-producing die roll, the ten victory points, using resources to build buildings that produce new resources, […]

  • Elasund, Elasund, Elasund

    Met Olli today. The dish of the day was Elasund, the latest Settlers spin-off. The Settlers element is pretty much resource production roll to start the turn, 10 victory points to gather and… well, that’s about it. The game is about building a city. Smaller buildings produce influence and money, both of which are needed […]

  • Antiquity

    Review of Antiquity in Finnish is available. Antiquity is a game of competing city-states. In the beginning, cities are empty and the landscape is open for all to take. As the game progresses, cities grow and new towns are founded, while the landscape is exploited and becomes a polluted mess of useless land. The question […]

  • Caylus

    There’s a review of Caylus in Finnish up at the other site — it’s been there for about a week now. Caylus is, of course, the biggest thing since… well, last Essen. I went to Essen with an understanding that we’re dealing with a quality game here, thanks to Rick Thornquist’s raports. I wasn’t originally […]

  • Antiquity is here!

    Antiquity arrived, finally! It had taken a detour, visiting three Tampere post offices when it should’ve come through just two. That’s why I didn’t get it last week… Well, that’s all behind, now I can enjoy having the game around and that’s all that matters. First thoughts: oh, it’s huge! Oh, it’s full of counters! […]

  • Fresh Fish

    Here’s the 100th review of my Finnish site: Fresh Fish. Fresh Fish is a neat game. I like it a lot. It’s a tile placement game, but with a twist: rarely is a tile-placement game so focused on the squares where the tiles are not placed! The goal of the game is to connect one’s […]

  • Catan card game

    I got Settlers of Catan Card Game, so of course I had to try it. Nestori agreed to test it out with me and off we went to Catan. The card game is a two-player version of the board game, necessary because trading really doesn’t work with two. As a consequence, there’s little player-to-player trading […]