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  • Victory & Honor

    I wrote a review of VIctory & Honor in Finnish. Victory & Honor is a American Civil War -themed trick-taking game from Ty Douds and Jolly Roger. It’s for four players, and while it can be played individually, it’s probably best played as two pairs. That’s the way I’ve played it. It’s one of the […]

  • Small game session: Louis XIV, Modern Art, Turbo Taxi

    I met some guys last Saturday for a small session of games. I’ll be missing the next two board game club sessions for various reasons (mostly Essen), so it was good to get some games going. We started with Turbo Taxi, as we were one player short. Well, the missing player joined us after the […]

  • Antiquity is here!

    Antiquity arrived, finally! It had taken a detour, visiting three Tampere post offices when it should’ve come through just two. That’s why I didn’t get it last week… Well, that’s all behind, now I can enjoy having the game around and that’s all that matters. First thoughts: oh, it’s huge! Oh, it’s full of counters! […]

  • Monopoly Card Game

    I coaxed Johanna to try the Monopoly Card Game. Designed by Phil Orbanes, it’s basically a Monopoly-themed Rummy game. Players try to form their 10-card hands into complete sets of colour groups and bonus cards. First player to build a ready hand scores five extra cards, but everybody counts points. The game is very much […]

  • Liberty!

    Yesterday I met Olli on the fields of battle. Setting was the independence war of the America, fought with Liberty. The game’s been a bit in the shadow of Hammer of the Scots, I’ve only played it once. Back then I felt the game was a bit messy, I didn’t get the rules well. Now, […]

  • Fifth Avenue

    I got some extra time, so as a result, you’ll get another review on the Finnish site: Fifth Avenue.´ I haven’t played Fifth Avenue much, but I think I have it pretty well nailed down. It’s certainly not bad as some have claimed — there are interesting decisions and good tension. However, for various reasons […]

  • Bad rules of Victory & Honor

    Peter Sarrett writes about bad rules, mentioning Victory & Honor as an example. He’s spot on: Victory & Honor has probably the worst rulebook I’ve ever seen in a good game. I practically threw the rule book across the room three times while explaining the rules. It took us MUCH longer than it should have […]