The Sims

We, that’s me and my girlfriend Johanna, acted on impulse and bought The Sims after reading a good review of the The Sims Deluxe Edition from the newspaper. I know I’ve always been interested in simulation games, I’ve played various Sim Cities, Sim Ant, Sim Life, Transport Tycoon, Railroad Tycoon, Theme Park…

I can see why The Sims is the best-selling computer game ever. It has much wider appeal than your average shoot’em’up. Before, we’ve mostly played Half-Life and Quake and Doom — or I’ve played, and Johanna has watched. Which has been fun, but this is better, as we can play together.

The Sims seems to be a good game, it’s fun to watch the idiots go around doing their business, trying to develop them. I wonder how long it will last, but of course, if the game starts to get boring, there’s always the expansion sets.

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