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  • Skat thoughts

    I’ve been playing Skat, quite a bit of it, actually, thanks to the very swift Xskat implementation running on my phone. The difficulty of Skat is overrated. It’s not that hard. I thought the auction was complicated, but it isn’t. At least against the computer opponents, most of the time you don’t really have to […]

  • XSkat – a new addiction

    I’ve got a new addiction. XSkat works in my phone, so I can crank out couple of skat deals in just a minute or two. Excellent! I’ve wanted to learn skat, but getting people to play it is difficult and games with all newbies are always a bit different. Now I can play against tough […]

  • Games and artificial intelligence

    Yesterday I watched a bit of a documentary about Garry Kasparov and how he lost a match to IBM’s Deep Blue. As the story goes, Deep Blue pulled an untypical move in the second game, causing Kasparov to lose. After that, he lost his concentration and failed to win the match. Kasparov, naturally, accused IBM […]