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  • Container full of Fresh Fish

    Last week we played Container and Fresh Fish. Container is one of those games that divide opinions, but we’ve got some fans of the game. I like it, the free-wheeling process of manufacturing, buying, selling and shipping just works. I like the way the economy depends on the players: if players waste money, the economy […]

  • Puzzle Strike and gambling starlords

    Puzzle Strike. Three more games. These were the best games so far. I played well, I think, winning two out of three. The games were well-fought and exciting. A tad long at 30 minutes or so each, but they didn’t drag on. I suppose there’s a good game in there. Going to play more today. Suggest. […]

  • Thursday session: Preußische Ostbahn

    Yesterday’s main game was Preußische Ostbahn. We had four players this time and I was the only one with previous experience. Hannu won the game, though, with amazing score of 649 — I was second with 421! This time I counted the turns taken. I started with a triple turn — a modest start, indeed. […]

  • Thursday session: Dominion, Container

    After a quick hand of Le Truc with Hannu, Petri arrived and Container hit the table. Petri is interested in modern-day business games and Container hits that niche pretty well. After all, the setting is definitely contemporary and the game is all about buying and selling. This time I managed to avoid embarrassing blunders and […]

  • Board game club: Dominion, Container

    Last Sunday I visited the board game club and instead of the quick visit last time, I was able to play games for few hours. We started with a quick round of Halli Galli Extreme for warm-up. It’s a nice little game, quick and entertaining. Some won’t like the extra difficulty from the animals, but […]