Puzzle Strike and gambling starlords

  • Puzzle Strike. Three more games. These were the best games so far. I played well, I think, winning two out of three. The games were well-fought and exciting. A tad long at 30 minutes or so each, but they didn’t drag on. I suppose there’s a good game in there. Going to play more today. Suggest.
  • Lords of Vegas. My opponents didn’t like this one much, but I enjoy it. Looks like I’ve conveniently forgotten the trade rule every time I’ve played; I’d say it’s not particularly necessary, but I’ll have to remember it the next time to see how it goes. Anyway, I already wrote a review of the game, and a favourable one: I think Lords of Vegas is a pretty solid game with a good theme. Suggest.
  • Ascending Empires. First three-player game of this 4X game. I think I like this more than Eclipse… Heh. At least this one plays much faster. Again, the response from my fellow games was less enthusiastic. But I love it, this game just works. Enthusiastic.
  • Oregon. Two-player games at the circus school. Upped my rating for this one, it’s just such a fine little game of tactical tile and meeple laying. Simple, yet fun. Ok, looking for the possible locations allowed by your cards is kind of annoying, but that’s minor. Very clever game, all in all. Enthusiastic.

Tomorrow, it’s Puzzle Strike and Dominion. I finally finished my Dominion minibox: Alchemy box filled with cards. There’s Cornucopia and Hinterlands in entirety and the rest is filled with choice cards from other sets. I’d like to play more Dominion, and this should help.

Recent shopping includes the Dominion promos Stash and Governor from the BGG store, the Hinterlands expansion and Container, which I finally repurchased. I’m also eyeing Kaivai, but since it’s a 2-3 hour game, I’m not sure it really makes sense to buy it. If the price drops, I’ll spring for it, right now it’s 40 euros plus shipping for the base and expansion, and that’s a bit much.

Settling Oregon Ascending Empires Lords of Vegas Puzzle Strike

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