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  • Hot games for Q1/2008

    Oh my, another quarter gone! The previous one was good, how about this one? Wabash Cannonball is the hottest of the hot, and no wonder. I’ve loved every game so far. I’d like to try a five-player game at some point, to see how that changes the game. And of course more games with three […]

  • Sense of achievement

    I was writing about Cuba on the Finnish Board Game Society forums after my latest experience with the game and I think my friend Tommy hit the nail on the head on what I don’t like about the game. It’s the lack of snowballing. Valerie Putnam wrote about Snowballs and Princess Brides on Boardgame News […]

  • Jyväskylä visit: Black Vienna, Cuba

    I visited my mom at Jyväskylä with Nooa. Thanks to Easter, we stayed for three days, which — of course! — presented us with more opportunities for games (two evenings and Nooa’s nap time on Saturday). That in mind, I brought some new games to try. Black Vienna was a major hit. It went down […]

  • Thursday session: Heckmeck, Halli Galli and Cuba

    Another good Thursday evening. While waiting for the crowd to gather, I opened the games with Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck. It was chaos, as usual. I failed rolls constantly, while Mari and Jaakko piled up worms. Well, Mari lost most of her worms by the end, but managed to win nonetheless. Heckmeck is nice, but then […]

  • Christmas Agricola

    I must’ve been pretty nice, since Santa brought me Cuba (befriending game store owners helps). Haven’t tried yet, but the game looks drop dead gorgeous. Mechanisms seem sound as well. Should be fun, might be one of those “nice, but like too many other games” games. My dear wife agreed to play a game with […]