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  • Gaming Year 2012

    Another year gone. Good years keep on rolling – I rather enjoyed 2011, and have no complaints about 2012. My kids continued to be good playing company. My son is now six and half, and is ready for some proper family games. I started introducing him to card games, as well, and that worked well. […]

  • Baker Street Irregulars

    Refering, of course, to the irregularity of these blog posts. By the way – if you haven’t seen the new Sherlock tv series yet, go and watch. It’s excellent. Here’s some highlights since Ropecon: Dominant Species: The Card Game. This game wasn’t helped a bit by the fact that we had six players. The game […]

  • Elder Signs of Kansas Pacific

    Two weeks of games. Last week I expected two players, but we got third. Good that I hadn’t prepared with strictly two-player affairs. Dominion: Hinterlands. I’m a Dominion fan, so I like the new expansion. Simple as that. It sure is no Alchemy. There are several interesting cards. Fool’s Gold (money; first played on turn […]