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  • Games Saturday with Tommy, Stefu and Robert

    Saturday was the big games day of the weekend, when Tommy and Stefu came all the way from Vantaa/Espoo and were joined by Robert of the local gamers. We started around noon and played almost 12 hours straight. It was pleasant, efficient and very entertaining. Here’s what we played: Flix Mix. I played this with […]

  • Helcon 2005 — Saturday

    Saturday was games, games, games. About 50 people participated, playing lots of games. Few bigger ones were scheduled and the Memoir ’44 tournament kept on going. Here’s my games: Indonesia. Splotter was the theme of the day, and I started with Indonesia. The game’s about development of Indonesian economy. When the game begins, there are […]

  • Helcon 2005 — Friday

    Helcon 2005 was already the fourth time the event was organised. This time we had a new location, a meeting hall of The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission. It was a good location for many reasons: it was clean, had enough room, there were lots of tables, good kitchen facilities and a possibility to rent a […]

  • Ropecon

    Ropecon 2005 is approaching fast. It’s the biggest roleplaying event in Finland and boasts a wide variety of board game events. There’s the Finnish Championships of Catan and Carcassonne, where the winners get to go to Essen to represent Finland in the World Championships (no, the plane tickets are not paid for). There’s also lots […]

  • Game weekend, part 2: Mit List und Tücke, Logistico, Kahuna, Geistertreppe

    Here’s the rest of the games of the great weekend: Mit List und Tücke was brought by Robert, who had noticed the game on my want list in the Geek. It’s a Klaus Palesch trick-taking game and not that far from Sticheln. According to Rick Heli’s Mit List und Tücke page it’s a redevelopment of […]

  • Game weekend, part 1: Roads & Boats, Manila, Industrial Waste, Memoir ’44

    We had a really good games weekend last weekend. Tommy came over Friday afternoon with a bunch of interesting games to try. We were joined on Saturday by Manu and Robert. After dinner Manu left, but was later replaced by Tommy’s wife Laura, who also happened to be in town. Even though our flat turns […]

  • Lahti board game weekend 2005

    Once again I ventured to Lahti and Peter Munter’s board game weekend. After all, I had to go and rescue my sleeping bag I had forgotten there last time. For the record, it didn’t survive: Munter’s dog (a huge Great Dane, and I’m not talking about Mik Svellov now) had eaten it’s storage bag. Munter, […]

  • Games weekend at Tommy’s

    Last weekend was the traditional annual games weekend at Tommy’s. Third time already! Unfortunately the weekend wasn’t quite the success it set out to be, as I fell sick and had to leave. We did get an evening of games on Friday and some games on Saturday and the guys continued until evening, but from […]

  • Helcon report

    Tommy posted a nice Helcon report on his website. It’s in Finnish, but English readers can at least take a look at pictures. Few picks: Yours truly studying the rules to Mall World, a very cryptic Sleuth note sheet, Robert, the girls and a game (two out of three are pretty, guess which two) and […]

  • Helcon III — Sunday

    If you haven’t read Helcon III — Saturday yet, that’s the place to start from. Sunday began with a meeting, when the Finnish Diplomacy Association had it’s last meeting. It’s final now: the association will now be known as Finnish Boardgame Society or Suomen lautapeliseura. We’ll forget Diplomacy and start spreading the gospel of better […]