Flix Mix

Another review up: Flix Mix (in Finnish).

Flix Mix is one of my favourite speed games. Each player has an identical deck of 16 cards, all featuring six dots sporting different colours. The goal of the game is to get rid of cards by laying them on the table. There’s just one limitation: each card must cover at least two dots already on the table with same-coloured dots on the same places.

That’s quite a limitation, obviously. The cards are checked after the round, and mistakes are worth two negative points. The round ends when the first player plays their last card, others lose one point for each card they have in their hands. The rules are very simple and intuitive, which is always nice.

Flix Mix has a slower pace than most speed games, particularly with two players, as there aren’t that many good spots. Players must think fast, but most of the time you’re looking for spots, not playing cards, and that gives this game it’s slower rhythm.

Make no mistake, though: Flix Mix is a speed game, and some people are a lot better in these than others. The game might not be fun for all, if one player dominates the playing field. That’s a bit of a catch, but I don’t think Flix Mix is the hardest speed game to learn.

Considering the game is both small and cheap, I find it very easy to recommend: buy it, if you come across it, particularly if you’re into simultaneous action speed games.

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