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  • Gaming year 2006

    Once again the year is over and it’s time for the year-end report. Here’s 2005 for comparison… Good games published in 2006 Age of Steam: London and Sun, 1830’s Pennsylvania and Northern California — I’ve played one map from each of the Bézier expansions, and loved both. Interesting new concepts, excellent production quality — great […]

  • Fjords

    Here’s a review of Fjords in Finnish. Fjords (or Fjorde) is a nice little two-player game about the vikings — however, this time the vikings are not burning and pillaging, they are farming and exploring! The game is divided in two phases. First players lay tiles to build a map and place farms on the […]

  • Two-player session with Confrontations, Fjords and a Blue Moon

    I met Ilari yesterday for some games. The main attraction was the brand new Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation Deluxe. Ilari, a big fan of the original game, was eager to try the new characters. We played two double matches. In first we used variant characters but no special cards, in second we took […]

  • Board game club: Fjorde, Neuland, Havoc

    The olympic ice hockey final didn’t affect the participants in the board game club yesterday, we had good attendance. I got to play everything I had planned to, which was nice. While waiting for others to arrive, I played a round of Fjorde with Ilari. It was my first game, but it was a breeze […]