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  • Cider gaming: Cosmic Eidex, Mhing

    Yesterday’s game session was motivated by cider. Some local pubs have cider weeks right now and being such a cider fan as I am, I wanted to check out their real cider — it was called Broadside or Broadwinds, don’t know for sure. It was good (though not superior to Weston’s Old Rosie), as were […]

  • Game weekend at Tommy’s, day two

    Saturday was a full day of games, though curiously we didn’t play as many games as on Friday night. The games were longer, though. Stefu joined us for Saturday, and Tommy’s brother Miikka did a guest appearance as well. The games were disturbed by an excellent meal of braised reindeer (nope, it wasn’t Rudolph), which […]

  • Jyväskylä game weekend

    Last weekend in Jyväskylä was good gaming time. As usual, I brought a bunch on games we played a lot. It’s refreshingly different, playing the same games over and over again instead of playing a variety of games just once or twice. I won’t bother with detailed session reports, but here’s a rundown of the […]

  • Lahti Board Game Weekend, Saturday

    After less-than-well slept night (maybe the real-size Space Marine helmets I slept next to haunted my sleep?) it was a new day and new games. The breakfast — eggs, bacon, french fries — was sturdy and sure to clog arteries. That’s just nice. The first game of the morning was a classic — Dragon’s Gold. […]

  • Back home

    Hi, I’m back home. Rome was splendid, I definitely recommend it. Especially if you like pizza and ice cream — last week we mostly ate pizza and the very delicious Italian ice cream. You can get really good pizza in Finland, but Finnish ice cream is nothing compared to the Italian. Of the various sights […]