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  • Gaming Year 2011

    2010 was a good year. Well, 2011 was even better. I played more games than on any year on my records. Quality matters, too, but I can control quality more than I can control quantity and if quantity is good, quality tends to be good as well. I played lots of games with my son. […]

  • Glen More and John Silver

    Yesterday we had our weekly meeting, and I’m raporting it today! How fast is that! While waiting for another player to arrive, the other Mikko and I played a quick match of 13×13 Go on his iPad. It was nice! I’ve been thinking about getting an iPad, mostly for gaming, but I’ve had some reservations […]

  • Catch-up: Kraken-Alarm, Forbidden Island, Railroad Barons

    Time for another catch-up post… It’s the Spring season for board game translations and those (and couple of other projects, like publishing the premium version of my WordPress search plugin Relevanssi) have kept my evenings busy. Here’s some new games I’ve played recently: Kraken-Alarm is a funny children’s game from Kosmos. It has a long […]