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  • Tracon III

    I spent most of my yesterday attending Tracon. Tracon is a yearly convention here in Tampere, this was the third time it was organized. Tracon is mostly about anime, manga and role-playing games. In the first two Tracon’s, I don’t think there was any board game presence, but this time the Finnish Board Game Society […]

  • Four Dragons or Dia de los Muertos

    I wrote a review of Four Dragons (and Dia de los Muertos). It’s the first review I’ve written with my new game review content management system I built to make writing reviews easier. As you might already know, Four Dragons is a reincarnation of Frank Branham’s self-published Dia de los Muertos. The rules have been […]

  • Fish night

    Johanna was out having a party with her friends, so I took the opportunity and invited my usual posse of Robert, Olli and Ari for some games. We started with Fresh Fish which I had finally picked up earlier today. It sure was a brain-bender! We played twice and in the second game got the […]

  • Four Dragons — eyewitness report

    I got a copy of Four Dragons today. As the Geek link betrays, it is a remake of Dia de los Muertos, one of my favourite card games. The new edition loses the strong theme (more about that in Four Dragons, an earlier entry of mine), but the new theme isn’t really that bad. Who […]

  • Four Dragons

    Four Dragons, the new edition of Dia de los Muertos is available, at least in Finland. The theme change is an interesting thing — I do like the original theme a lot. Frank Branham, the game’s designer, takes responsibility of the theme change (as mentioned in a relevant Geek thread). I think the new dragon […]