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  • Four Dragons or Dia de los Muertos

    I wrote a review of Four Dragons (and Dia de los Muertos). It’s the first review I’ve written with my new game review content management system I built to make writing reviews easier. As you might already know, Four Dragons is a reincarnation of Frank Branham’s self-published Dia de los Muertos. The rules have been […]

  • Four Dragons — eyewitness report

    I got a copy of Four Dragons today. As the Geek link betrays, it is a remake of Dia de los Muertos, one of my favourite card games. The new edition loses the strong theme (more about that in Four Dragons, an earlier entry of mine), but the new theme isn’t really that bad. Who […]

  • Nodwick preview

    I got the Jolly Roger games yesterday and the first one I tried was Nodwick: The Card Game. The title is necessary, because Nodwick is originally a web comic by Aaron Williams. That means, of course, that the game has rather decent graphics. The game, designed by Frank Branham (the author of the brilliant Dia […]