Tag: Franz Vohwinkel

  • The Games Journal

    Amazing issue of The Games Journal this month! Tom Vasel’s interview of Greg Aleknevicus has brought in an avalanche of material and I do hope that trend continues. I wonder what the bloggers will think of Lewis Pulsipher’s article The Classical and Romantic Game Playing Styles. I thought it was a nice way to put […]

  • Franz Vohwinkel

    My favourite board game artist, Franz Vohwinkel, has a website. It’s a bit too artistically designed for my tastes, but I don’t mind — the art that’s displayed there is absolutely fabulous. (via Brett & Board)

  • Birthday gift: A House Divided

    My mother gave me A House Divided as a birthday gift (my birthday is today — I’m 23 now). It was on my wish list (AHD, Wallenstein and Battle Cry — a bit militaristic list), so it wasn’t totally out of the blue. And it sure looks good. Phalanx Games has done a great work […]

  • Sticheln

    Finnish users can go ahead and read the Finnish review. I’ve played enough Sticheln that I feel I can write a review. However, my point-of-view is very biased: I’ve only ever played the three-player game. Well, one four-player game, but that’s not enough. Still, I think Sticheln is such a superior three-player game that reviewing […]