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  • Power Grid and StreetSoccer

    First: this is entry #500. Now that’s something. I dropped by Brettspielwelt today to play some games. My main interest was to try StreetSoccer in realtime after playing so much of it in Little Golem. It was fun, though I don’t like the BSW interface. I’d like to have a neat and clear 2d board […]

  • Power Grid

    I spent some quality time in Brettspielwelt playing Power Grid. I hadn’t tried it there before, but the interface turned out to be rather obvious. I had only one problem: the message window was only one row tall when I expanded the window to full-screen size (a must when playing Power Grid). I played three […]

  • Weekend games: St. Petersburg rocks!

    I was in Jyväskylä this weekend and it sure was an interesting weekend games-wise. I thought my mother would like San Juan, because she likes Puerto Rico but it’s a bit too deep for her. She isn’t that into devising strategies and I think kind of plays to keep me and Ismo happy — we’re […]

  • Weekend gaming session, Friday

    I’m here at Tommy’s having a wonderful little gaming weekend. Today’s cast included Tommy, me, Stefu and our crippled American reinforcement Phil. We started it off in a light-hearted way: playing few rounds of the semi-legendary Loopin’ Louie. It’s a children’s action game, where a guy flies his motor-driven airplane in a circle trying to […]

  • Board game club session

    Our board game club session yesterday started a bit slowly, with only four players present for a long time. However, that was really not a problem, because four people is quite enough to play good games and more gamers trickled in during the afternoon. My first game was a two-player match of Crokinole. It was […]

  • Electric news

    I heard Rio Grande Games is doing an English version of Funkenschlag. The new version will be called Power Grid. It has — obviously — better components and also streamlined rules, so it should play in two hours or less. Sounds absolutely great, if they don’t streamline it too much. Anyway buying it will be […]

  • Board game club meeting

    Our board game club had a meeting yesterday. Lots of games were played, which was good. I started the afternoon with Web of Power. It’s one of my favourites, but I haven’t played it often this year. I should, I should… The game was rather exciting in the end. My score depended a lot from […]

  • Funkenschlag test game

    I played a solo test game of Funkenschlag today and found out the following: * The game is quite fun. It’s a bit like Age of Steam, but without the mandatory expenses. Gaining money is also easier. If you don’t get money, you can’t expand, but it isn’t a slow fall towards bankruptcy. * I […]

  • My new Funkenschlag board

    First: entry #300! Yea! I’ve got a new Funkenschlag board now. I printed out the tiled map from Geek, glued it on cardboard and then covered it with plastic. Johanna was a great help in that process, she did the difficult part of getting the plastic on the cardboard without air bubbles… Thanks to her, […]

  • Project Funkenschlag

    I haven’t even played Funkenschlag yet, but I’m determined to create a better map for it. The plastic map and the crayons are just too annoying. Today I did some tests to figure out how to make a better map. To be more precise, what material to use to cover the printed map which I […]