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  • Sad news — The Games Journal ceases publication

    “It is with much regret that I announce that The Games Journal has ceased publication. It was not an easy decision to make but it was the only one that made sense. The evolving nature of the web and the declining number of contributions has threatened to render our magazine irrelevant and that’s not something…

  • The Games Journal

    The September issue of The Games Journal is out. It’s fairly thick, too! Greg Aleknevicus has written a good article on deduction games, while Bruno Faidutti comments well on the concept of game balance.

  • Congratulations to The Games Journal

    Congratulations are due to Greg Aleknevicus and The Games Journal! The latest issue, featuring several interesting articles, marks the fifth anniversary of the journal. It’s been a long time, and I’ve been reading it for years already. That’s quite an achievement and I really want to say thanks to Greg for pushing on with the…

  • The Games Journal

    Another issue of The Games Journal is out. Stefu’s puzzle from last issue was actually the most popular one in the Games Journal’s history! This time there’s an interesting puzzle, too: it requires matching components from the same game. I got nine without looking at the Geek, so it’s a pretty tough one.

  • The Games Journal is out

    The latest issue of The Games Journal is out. Check out the article on Ambition, Mike Church’s card game. I enjoyed the article very much and I’m certainly looking forward to reading the next installment. My friend Stefu has also created a nice Black Vienna puzzle. I solved it, so it can’t be very difficult,…

  • The Games Journal

    Amazing issue of The Games Journal this month! Tom Vasel’s interview of Greg Aleknevicus has brought in an avalanche of material and I do hope that trend continues. I wonder what the bloggers will think of Lewis Pulsipher’s article The Classical and Romantic Game Playing Styles. I thought it was a nice way to put…

  • The Games Journal

    The first 2005 issue of The Games Journal is out. The best article is without a doubt Dave Shapiro’s review of Gang of Four.

  • The Games Journal

    Another issue of The games Journal is out. Greg Aleknevicus continues his series on basic strategy, this time covering long-term planning. I was somewhat disappointed by this article, it felt somewhat trivial. I found the previous article in the series (covering strategies of trading) much more interesting and useful. In the other hand, Sarah Samuelson’s…

  • Pre-Helcon games

    Helcon is history and it’s time to write another lengthy epic on the games played. The event was a wild success, with over 50 visitors during the two days. The place we had was practically full during the Saturday afternoon. There’s definitely new event next year, but we might be forced to look for a…

  • The Games Journal

    A new issue of The Games Journal is out. Spot the Component 1.0 is a tough game piece id puzzle. I think I have eight to ten figured out — of 32! Getting more right would take some investigation.