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  • The Games Journal

    The October Games Journal is finally out. There’s no doubt about the best article of this issue: it’s Dan Bosley’s Misadventures in Gaming. I’m so glad to see he’s back in action! You can find 19 earlier episodes at Terminal City Gamers article page. They are simply hilarious!

  • Spielboy and The Games Journal

    The latest issue of Spielboy is out. Check it out — it’s the typical mixture of interesting articles and, ehm, artistic pictures. Most interesting article this time is Do I Offend?, which takes a look at the ways how games can offend people. It’s interesting, because I just recently wrote a column at Lautapelit.fi on […]

  • Games Journal is out

    Another month, another issue of The Games Journal. This time it’s a rather fine issue, too. Greg Aleknevicus writes an interesting piece on game themes called German Games are Fraudulent!. Reviews feature Memoir ’44 and others. Check it out!

  • New Games Journal is out

    The Games Journal has been notable for it’s steady schedule. This month it was late for the first time in a long time. That’s a shame, but fortunately the delay wasn’t long. The issue is a thin one, too. There’s an interesting review of Coda, which piqued my interest. Here’s Coda at Geek. I think […]

  • The Games Journal

    Once again, The Games Journal is out with a new issue. This one is great! Goodness starts with an insightful editorial on the front page. Destination Gaming is a curious article — I don’t get the point, but it’s a good read nonetheless. Greg Aleknevicus starts a new series on Basic Strategy of games. The […]

  • The Games Journal is out

    A new issue of The Games Journal is out. This time it’s a slightly thinner one, with articles about not figuring out games and the duration of games and a review of Werewolf.

  • The Games Journal

    Another month, another issue of The Games Journal. This time the more interesting articles are the fourth installment of Jonathan Degann’s Game Theory 101 series and an article about drafting. Game reviews include an interesting take on Alex Randolph’s Buffalo and Ticket to Ride.

  • The Games Journal

    Finally, after few hours of waiting, new The Games Journal is out (being in an early time zone can be annoying). Except my two excellent articles, it features reviews of Attika and Magna Grecia and some other articles, which I haven’t had time to read yet. Anyway, it’s much thicker issue than the February one, […]

  • Writing for the Games Journal

    Don’t ask, what your favourite online games journal can do for you, ask what you can do for your favourite online games journal. After seeing the lack of articles in this month’s The Games Journal, I grabbed my keyboard and wrote an article. Yesterday I got an idea for a blog entry, but when it […]

  • The Games Journal and a new blog

    The February Games Journal is out. There isn’t much to read, but check out the letters section for an interesting letter about Terra. There’s also a new blog about games. Michael Chapel is the Austin BoardGamer. He also has a RSS feed.