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  • Gargon

    A review of Gargon is up on my site. Gargon by Rüdiger Dorn is a small card game from Amigo. Gargon is one of those kind of traditional, yet quirky games. The idea is basically a trick-taking game, but it would stretch the definition of trick-taking to fully include Gargon in that lot. Weird ideas […]

  • Café Games: Gargon, Höhlengrölen, LotR: Confrontation

    This time we didn’t play Go at all! What a surprise! Instead we played some cards. Because there was five of us present, we had little choice amongst the games I brought. So we played Gargon, which is an interesting card game. It’s main quirk is that the backs of the cards are coloured according […]

  • Board game club meeting

    Our board game club had a meeting yesterday. Lots of games were played, which was good. I started the afternoon with Web of Power. It’s one of my favourites, but I haven’t played it often this year. I should, I should… The game was rather exciting in the end. My score depended a lot from […]

  • Adam Spielt order

    Our latest Adam Spielt order has been made. Next week I should get the following games: PitchCar — A must after the Lahti weekend. Simply too much fun to miss this one. I wasn’t interested in this before I tried, it’s unbelievable how fun such a simple game can be. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde […]