Adam Spielt order

Our latest Adam Spielt order has been made. Next week I should get the following games:

PitchCar — A must after the Lahti weekend. Simply too much fun to miss this one. I wasn’t interested in this before I tried, it’s unbelievable how fun such a simple game can be.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde — for my collection of curious trick-taking game. Sounds like a very curious game, indeed.

Alhambra — Spiel des Jahres winner, lots of praise. I was about to buy this one earlier, but unfortunately missed it. It’s coming my way now.

Funkenschlag — This is one of the True Geek games (like Die Macher), heavy, obscure and German. Despite low production standards seems to be an interesting game.

Biberbande — What the world needs is more silly card games. Biberbande is definitely on the silly side, but what a brilliant, fun little game it is.

Gargon — For the curious trick-taking games department. I’m expecting gorgeous card art.

Canyon — Another trick-taking game. Simple game enhanced with an interesting scoring board, which adds another layer to it. Neat idea, probably a good “general audience” game.

Grand Canyon — Expansion for Canyon. Couldn’t resist the price tag of 1, 60 euros.

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2 responses to “Adam Spielt order”

  1. Hey, Pitchcar looks very cool but I haven’t tried it. When you flick your little car thingy, on average, how far around the track does it go?

  2. Depends on the flicker, I suppose. It’s pretty easy to flick through a long straight, but moving long distances in curves takes either mad luck or superb ricocheting skills and a steady flicking finger.
    My personal record is a bit over half lap. The disc turned over and rolled on it’s side most of the time, clearing a huge distance before landing wrong side up. Still, it was much more than I could imagine moving with two flicks.