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  • Games day with Tommy

    As the tradition goes (last year, the year before that, the weekend before that, the year before that…), I met Tommy for a day of games. So, this year it was just me and him, and just a single day. It was great fun nonetheless. We kicked off with 1860: Railways on the Isle of […]

  • Finnish Players’ Picks 2004

    Ok, finally: Finnish Players’ Picks 2004 voting is over, votes have been tallied and I can announce the results: Puerto Rico wins, again. Carcassonne is second and catches up, losing only by two votes. Once again, there’s a GeekList of the top games (here’s last year’s list). The whole list can be seen at the […]

  • St. Petersburg wins DSP!

    It’s Deutscher Spiele Preis awards time. According to Mik’s DSP 2004 page, 2, 341 gamers cast their votes to determine the best game of 2004. Winner is St. Petersburg and — no surprises here — I think it’s well deserved. I can also agree with San Juan placing second. I’ve played eight games out of […]

  • Maharaja and St. Petersburg

    I got Maharaja and St. Petersburg yesterday. As anybody who’s followed Spielfrieks recently can tell, Maharaja rules have caused lots of discussion (Goa has been another hot topic, but since I don’t care about it, I just skip those). It’s a pity if a good game has bad rules. I’ve only leafed through the rules […]

  • Weekend gaming session, Friday

    I’m here at Tommy’s having a wonderful little gaming weekend. Today’s cast included Tommy, me, Stefu and our crippled American reinforcement Phil. We started it off in a light-hearted way: playing few rounds of the semi-legendary Loopin’ Louie. It’s a children’s action game, where a guy flies his motor-driven airplane in a circle trying to […]