Tag: Halli Galli Extreme

  • Casual games at Finncon

    Finncon was in Jyväskylä this year. It’s a major Finnish science fiction con (biggest free SF con in Europe or something like that), but it also had some games, as local board gamers organized a game room. I was in Jyväskylä at my mother’s with the kids and was able to leave for the Saturday […]

  • Board game club: Dominion, Container

    Last Sunday I visited the board game club and instead of the quick visit last time, I was able to play games for few hours. We started with a quick round of Halli Galli Extreme for warm-up. It’s a nice little game, quick and entertaining. Some won’t like the extra difficulty from the animals, but […]

  • Tracon III

    I spent most of my yesterday attending Tracon. Tracon is a yearly convention here in Tampere, this was the third time it was organized. Tracon is mostly about anime, manga and role-playing games. In the first two Tracon’s, I don’t think there was any board game presence, but this time the Finnish Board Game Society […]

  • Thursday session: Golden Compass, Halli Galli Extreme

    After clobbering Hannu in Sunda to Sahul, it was time for Golden Compass. We had full table, four players, and off we went, on our trip to the other universe. The card playing mechanism was definitely more interesting with four players: you really had to think a bit when choosing which cards to take. However, […]