Tag: Hungarian Tarokk

  • Back from Helcon!

    Another Helcon is gone (well, they’re still playing, but I’m already back home) and boy, it was a good one! We started games on the train to Helsinki. Robert managed to get himself to the wrong train (for some reason there were to trains to Helsinki within three minutes), but I had Olli and Sami […]

  • Thursday session: Catan, Modern Art

    Our Thursday sessions continue to be quiet. Well, three is enough! We started with Fairy Tale, as usual, but this game was unusual! I was doing well, I got all three of those eight-point “get two of the other suits” cards and got them fulfilled, too. Well, Sami did close down my critical cards, but […]

  • Hungarian Tarokk online

    RummyNetwork is a Hungarian online game room. It’s free and has several games available: few variations of Rummy, Zsír, Ulti, Schnapsen, Bridge… but most important, they have Hungarian Tarokk. In three variations, even: the regular Paskievics, the glorious Illustrated and the confusing High Tarokk. The user interface isn’t the best possible and the card images […]