Hungarian Tarokk online

RummyNetwork is a Hungarian online game room. It’s free and has several games available: few variations of Rummy, Zsír, Ulti, Schnapsen, Bridge… but most important, they have Hungarian Tarokk. In three variations, even: the regular Paskievics, the glorious Illustrated and the confusing High Tarokk.

The user interface isn’t the best possible and the card images aren’t pretty, but it’s passable. If you start a new game room, you get three bots to play against you, so you can practise, too, without embarrassing yourself. The bots aren’t very good: I’m currently giving them a sound beating on my first ever game. At least you can get yourself familiar with the user interface, and playing against even a opponent this weak is good for learning the basics.

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One response to “Hungarian Tarokk online”

  1. I like learning hungarian tarok! I liveing one social home, because i handycap! I don’t speack in English veri good, but speack in Hungarian good!