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  • BSW session: Diamant, Attribute (finally!)

    I did two BrettSpielWelt sessions today. I tried to recruit folks from Boardgame Society forums, but with no luck. I got some general interest, but nobody joined me. On my first visit I played seven games of Diamant. It’s a new filler game from Alan Moon and Bruno Faidutti. It’s a push-your-luck game: players are […]

  • Weekend games, Friday: Puerto Rico

    My trip to Jyväskylä went well. My brother picked me up from the busy railroad station and gave me a lift to where my mother and Ismo live. Before he left, we played few games of Battle Line. Which was nice, especially as I won two out of three. Balloon Cup was fairly popular game […]

  • King Lui, Sunda to Sahul

    I’ve written reviews of King Lui and Sunda to Sahul in Finnish. I also redesigned the games front page. But that’s all in Finnish. You English-reading users can read reviews of King Lui and Sunda to Sahul I wrote for BoardGameGeek. I also wrote a review of Battle Line, mostly because I wanted to reach […]

  • Wednesday Games III: The Last Panther

    It was a bit quiet day today, as we only had three players. Well, we still played many delightful games. I was eager to try even some of the Mü & mehr games. So, we tried The Last Panther, which turned out to be a nice little trick-taking game. It is also rather nasty game, […]

  • Translations

    For the Finnish readers: I’ve been writing lots of translations lately (that is, all the card games in the order, except Mü). Here are the links: Coloretto, Dia de los Muertos, King Lui, Land Unter, Mamma Mia!, 6 Nimmt!. I’m definitely translating the Mü games as well. Let’s see if I bother to do Amun-Re […]

  • Games at Jyväskylä: Amun-Re, Coloretto

    I had a pleasant almost-weekend at Jyväskylä (from Thursday to Saturday) and as usual, games were played. I took with me the games my mother had bought (Africa, 6 Nimmt! and Vom Kap bis Kairo) and some of my new games (Coloretto, King Lui and Amun-Re). Coloretto was a huge success! We played 14 games […]

  • Wednesday Games, part II: Card games

    First: I’m now a proud owner of Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective. I got my game from the post office yesterday and I’m really looking forward to an opportunity to try it — it looks absolutely brilliant. Then: we had a very nice game session yesterday. Six players were there, but not at the same time. […]

  • Games arrived!

    Our Adam Spielt order arrived today! It was a bloody hard work, hauling that 13.9 kilos of games in a fairly large box all the way from the post office (what, it was at least 500 meters or so!). It took exactly a week for the package to arrive, which is what I expected. They […]