Games arrived!

Our Adam Spielt order arrived today! It was a bloody hard work, hauling that 13.9 kilos of games in a fairly large box all the way from the post office (what, it was at least 500 meters or so!). It took exactly a week for the package to arrive, which is what I expected.

They seem to be quite thorough. When I opened the package, I found another, smaller package and lots of paper. It’s like those Russian dolls, you know… However, there wasn’t another, even smaller package inside the second package (well, there was, but there were plenty of them 😉

And there was everything. All the lovely games we ordered… I quickly went through the contents to see that everything was included and then started to open my games. I opened them, looked at the cards (as most of them were card games) and then did what was necessary for the big box games: ziploc bags!

Both Amun-Re and Age of Steam needed few ziploc bags. I punched out counters and enjoyed them for a while. Amun-Re looks neat! Age of Steam is more in the let’s say functional school of design, but I think the board looks quite good.

Then I started printing out rules and player aids. All games except Age of Steam, King Lui and Dia de los Muertos needed rules and Age of Steam got, among most others, player aids. But I’m missing lots of rules for Mü & Mehr — I only have Mü. I hear the others games aren’t as good, but I’d like to judge them myself. If you have an English or Finnish translation of the rules, send it to me. There’s also Geekgold available…

So, now I’ll just have to play all these. Fortunately, tomorrow is Wednesday and I’m heading to Klubi to play games and then Thursday I go to Jyväskylä and there I’ll be able to play some more games. That means I’ll be able to try at least the card games pretty soon, I hope. I must find out if Amun-Re is suitable to play with my mother (I’ve played meatier games with them, so I guess it’s fine), but Age of Steam will have to wait for later opportunities.

I’ll let you know what I think of the games as soon as I get to play them!

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2 responses to “Games arrived!”

  1. Thanks. The link is available in Boardgamegeek, but only Mü rules are listed on the files section. But now there’s a PDF file with the rules to all of the games.
    Let’s see if I can try some of them next Wednesday…