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  • Land Unter

    Man, I’m in the zone now. I just wrote another review, this time of Dorra’s card game Land Unter. Land Unter is a clever little card game. The basic mechanism is a simultaneous trick-taking game, where the two highest cards collect two water level cards. Water level cards are a mixed blessing, as each turn […]

  • Weekend games, Sunday

    Sunday began with a game of Mamma Mia! with the kids. They’ve become fans quickly, I guess I’ll just have to keep on taking the game with me from now on. I’d also throw a guess that it’s going to appear on the next Adam Spielt order, too… Land Unter, here are the kids. Kids, […]

  • Weekend games, Saturday: Monopoly, Puerto Rico

    Saturday began with a surprising game choice: Monopoly. I’ve been wanting to play it for a while now and finally I got the opportunity. I played with Oskari and Severi. Oskari was the first one to be dropped out, when he went bankrupt on my houses. I got a nice bunch of mortgaged properties, most […]

  • Wednesday games: Age of Steam

    Yesterday we had another pleasant session of Wednesday games. I made a slight change this time: instead of just card games, I took Age of Steam with me. I was too anxious to play it, after reading just about everything about it I could find Tuesday. But before anybody else arrived, I played a game […]

  • Translations

    For the Finnish readers: I’ve been writing lots of translations lately (that is, all the card games in the order, except Mü). Here are the links: Coloretto, Dia de los Muertos, King Lui, Land Unter, Mamma Mia!, 6 Nimmt!. I’m definitely translating the Mü games as well. Let’s see if I bother to do Amun-Re […]

  • Wednesday Games, part II: Card games

    First: I’m now a proud owner of Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective. I got my game from the post office yesterday and I’m really looking forward to an opportunity to try it — it looks absolutely brilliant. Then: we had a very nice game session yesterday. Six players were there, but not at the same time. […]